Jessica Simpson Perfume Line: Smells Like No Talent

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New photos of Jessica Simpson lying down on a bed of silk satin sheets have surfaced, presumably for Tony Romo her new Fancy perfume.

That's right, she has a perfume line. And a lingerie line. What to do when your career tanks? Throw your name on every product possible!

Jessica has said of her fragrance:

“With Fancy, I wanted to create a pretty fragrance, one I could be just as comfortable wearing on the red carpet or every day with my favorite jeans. For me Fancy is just that – fancy. This is a special fragrance –personal, whimsical, playful and romantic with a heart of gardenia, an essence I truly cherish.”

A hundred bucks says Jessica Simpson never heard the word "gardenia" until her publicist wrote this statement - and still doesn't know what it means.


Nothing but a set of tits.


Have to agree with Jenn, the perfume is really sexy. I too, am not a hooker. Perhaps she isn't the most talented in the world, but credit is definately due here. People so often seem to feel the need to knock others down.


Personally I think the perfume smells amazing. And I'm definitely not a hooker. I think someone is jealous of Jessica maybe??


It also smells like a hooker. At the same time she's trying to crossover into country music, she launches her perfume which shares the name of a Reba McIntire hit, "Fancy". It's a song about a girl whose desperately poor family introduces her to a life of prostitution. "just be nice to the gentlemen, Fancy, and they'll be nice to you" I guess Jessica's handlers should have done a little more research before naming the perfume, putting it in her new country video, and claiming Reba as Jessica's inspiration. Unless they meant for people to associate the perfume with hookers...


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