Jesse Csincsak and DeAnna Pappas: The Interview

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On the edge of its collective seat, America tuned in to The Bachelorette to see if DeAnna Pappas would make the obvious choice in Jason Mesnick.

Instead, she opted for Jesse Csincsak.

2-on-1 Encounter

Many fans believe DeAnna Pappas' decision was the wrong one, but it matters little at this point, as the laid-back snowboarder from Colorado ultimately won the heart of the Southern belle famously rejected by Brad Womack.

Yesterday, in the aftermath of the stunning season finale, the engaged DeAnna and Jesse (save the date - 5/9/09!) spoke to Entertainment Weekly ...

EW: What was your favorite moment of the show?
DeAnna Pappas: My engagement!
Jesse Csincsak: The second I proposed and she looked at me and said yes and I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with this woman.

EW: People always say big moments in life, like engagements, are often remembered as a blur. Any one thing that sticks out?
DeAnna Pappas: My favorite about that entire moment when he proposed to me is that nothing else around us mattered. Even though there were cameras everywhere, crew, producers, nothing else mattered. It felt like it was just the two of us.
Jesse Csincsak: Something that stands out to me that's funny is at the very end of last night's show when she goes, "I can't believe I am marrying the guy with the pink shoelaces!" That cracks me up.

EW: Now that the circus is over, what's on the agenda?
DeAnna Pappas: I think we're just focused on doing the normal stuff. We want to go to dinner, and we're dying just to go grocery shopping together. We just want to be in public together.

EW: Did what you wanted out of this whole process change over time?
DeAnna Pappas: Oh, absolutely. I went into this process thinking that I had everything figured out and that I knew exactly what I wanted, and then somewhere along the way I guess I realized that I didn't know myself as well as I thought I did. I've always dated the same type of guy â€" this typical guy â€" and maybe it took all of those to lead me to the person that I was meant to be with, because Jesse isn't like any guy I've dated, but it's the best thing in the world and it's what I've always wanted in the long run. He puts me first, and he is that person that can make me smile every day, doing these crazy, romantic, nice things just to make me smile.

EW: You said many times that Jason and Jesse brought out different sides of you. What was the most important thing that Jesse brought out in you?
DeAnna Pappas: He has definitely made me a little more relaxed. He brings out this easygoing side. I'm not a morning person, things easily upset me, and he definitely brought out the side of me that just lets me know that it's okay and that there's no sense in wasting time acting like that. He just makes me a much better person.

EW: Did you watch any of the show together?
Jesse Csincsak: We actually made a pact that we weren't going to watch any of the show together, but last night, we did sit down in front of the TV and drank some champagne and watched the whole episode together.

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I think she brought out a lot of good in Jesse, too. I think his heart is HUGE and it showed in many ways. He is also one to think deeply about subjects but obviously not one to voice things well or too quick to act/react to things. He's an admirable guy. I think it is amazing that someone follows his dreams and isn't afraid to be stiffled. I'm married to a guy who has all the potential in the world but he's never believed in himself enough to put himself out there. (I fault his loving mom.) THAT SAID, kuddos to Jesse's parents. I do think Deanna's mom and dad clearly wanted a different choice but after getting to know him, I'll be they are happy as clams with her choice. They raised her well. It shows. And with that, they will accept her decision and embrace him.


I actually hope that if they marry, it will last a lifetime. However, I don't believe that people fall in love on these shows---it's just infatuation. That's why almost all the other folks have split up after just a few months---right when the novelty wears off. Jessie and Deanna are in for some big bumps in the road, but if they will put each other first, they can make it! God help them!


If it doesn't last, I'm next for Jesse. He's adorable! LOVE the new haircut.


It won't last. They never do (well...except for trista and ryan) They think that because they go on this show and live in mansions, go on dream dates and fall in "love" that they will last in the real world. Unfortunatly the real world is VERY different from the life they were living. They won't have the celebrity life style. They won't live in a mansion. There will be bills, jobs, stresses of life, and maybe kids. It will be nothing like it was when they spent every night of the week going on dates to exotic places staying in huge mansions and 5 star hotels. How is she going to feel when all of a sudden he doesn't bend to her every wish, hang off her every word, and be at her beckon' call? Because now that he isn't competing with 25 other men, he doesn't have to. They won't last. I doubt they even make it to 05/05/09. Too bad so sad.


I watched The Bachelor with Brad & Deanna and I watched this latest season of the Bachelorette. I didn't like Deanna on the Bachelor I thought she was too aggressive. Then I saw how heartbroken she was when Brad didn't pick her. She claims that she considered that the entire time she was on the show. But I noticed on the Men Tell All that she was very cold to Jeremy, and was not considerate of his feelings at all. He was in tears and her callous disregard for his feelings was shocking. Brad didn't treat her that way at the tell all! I'm glad that she's happy and I hope Jesse does make her a better person. I think Jeremy should be the next Bachelor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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