Jesse Csincsak and DeAnna Pappas: The Interview

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On the edge of its collective seat, America tuned in to The Bachelorette to see if DeAnna Pappas would make the obvious choice in Jason Mesnick.

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    The reason why these relationships almost never work is because the person just picks the one they are most attracted to (who is the least psycho). Gee, what a shock that most of them can't even make it longer than a few months. Trista got lucky with Ryan, and it makes sense that out of a dozen couples you'd find ONE that could work based on attraction (Ryan happens to be an awesome dedicated man).

    DeAnna gave all the guys a chance, she opened her heart completely. Sometimes she stumbled and made mistakes, but nobody is perfect. She looked beyond the surface. Yes she turned away some "perfect" men, but she had tried that route before. It never worked out for her. Looks will fade over time, but Jesse will always be a beautiful person.

    She chose the best man for her. Perhaps he isn't the best man for you, but she wasn't choosing YOUR husband. It's that simple.


    I agree with Amy! DeAnna chose with her heart. I thought she'd be too scared to go for Jesse, she probably knew everyone expected her to end up with a guy like Jeremy or Jason (both are great guys but not right for her). Turns out I underestimated her, she's braver and stronger than I thought. All my best to De and Jesse, I believe their love is true and they're going to make it.


    Seriously people--all of you who can't see why Jesse was the right choice are too limited in your thinking. She actually chose her soul mate over the "perfect" guy. I am impressed and envious that she had the guts to go with her heart and not what looked better on paper. Who knows if it will last. But, I for one gained so much respect for her for not taking the safe route and really choosing who connected to her soul more than her idea of the good life.


    I am indeed shocked that Deanna picked Jesse. I thought Jason was perfect for her, but I guess she wanted to stay a little girl a little longer. She dumped the two best guys for her and instead took a liitle boy who snowboards for a living. I wonder just how long will she put up with traveling everywhere there is snow. When he can no longer snowboard, what then. I have heard a lot of things he has or does, but all of it depends on his youth. i don't think he has much of that left and then I think all will be done and she will no longer find herself attracted to this boy.


    First of all this was DeAnna’s choice, not some fat jealous women’s. As far as Jesse being completely inexperienced that’s totally untrue. He has more experience then all the other 24 men combined. He had a two year relationship that he ended. Jason had a two year marriage where he was dumped, Why! He is not desperate like the other men, and gets hit on every day and is extremely confident. He is a celebrity at Breckenridge, owns 2 houses at 26, and has a corporation JSAK which is both a foundation and a business. He is sponsored by companies to promote there gear and makes a ton of money. He has a plan, and so far it’s been very successful. If he stumbles he can continue to teach for $200.00 a lesson, how much do you make. As far as people being let on that’s the show and you know the risks!


    DeAnna is such a beautiful lady inside and out. She is a real catch if you ask me. Any man would be blessed to have even dated such a nice gal. Brad was not ready for a committment at all, he was scared and may never be ready. Jesse is the one that captured DeAnna's heart and it was her own personal decision to make. Blessings to the cutest couple ever. I love when DeAnna said "I love you", it brought tears to my eyes because you could tell she really meant it. Jason should be the next bachelor!!!!!! He was such a doll.


    So happy for DeAnna & Jesse! She definitely made the right choice. May it last forever. If it ain't real, they're both fabulous actors. Became obsessed with the show this season. Hope we can view the wedding, surely there are millions of people as interested as me. I'm a 65 yr young gramma who really did have a life. Jason must be the next batchelor - he is wonderfully next-to-perfect.


    I was so disappointed that DeAnna did not pick Jason. He was perfect for her, and he was so guarded about his son's feelings. DeAnna really played it up to Jason's family and then she made him feel exactly the way Brad left her feeling. What goes around comes around.


    Congrats to Jesse and DeAnna. Many people say they won't last, but I think they will. I mean, come on! They're already planning the wedding. I thought from the start Jesse was this cute, unusual guy with a funky tux and pink shoelaces, and I knew he was going to make it to the top. Though Jason was upset with DeAnna for putting him throught what Brad put her through, DeAnna couldn't help it. That's the way the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows go. Some one is obviously going to be led on and turned down at the last show. Congrats, again, Jesse C and DeAnna P.


    This was such a shock! Deanna gave up two great men who are succesful and had everything going for them. I think that is the problem here. They were far enough advanced in their lives and Deanna realized she couldn't dangle them on a string but Jesse is a young kid that she feels she can dominate. She is the loser and still wants to play like a young teeny bopper. Her maturity is so questionable as she used tears and her body to lead on the others. What man could resist that? What a manipulator. Go back to high school Deanna and pick up where you left off. Your are a phony.

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