Jason Mesnick Reflects on Bachelorette Rejection

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Following his stunning ouster Monday night, Jason Mesnick believes DeAnna Pappas altered what she was looking for during The Bachelorette.

"I could say that the one thing that I thought throughout the whole process was if she was ready for what she said she was ready from Day One, [DeAnna Pappas] would have picked me," Jason Mesnick said this week.

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"But if it turned out she wasn't or things changed throughout the process and she wasn't sure if she was ready for the family, then she'd go with [Jesse Csincsak] instead. We saw what she did."

That's exactly what she did.

To the surprise and dismay of some readers, DeAnna Pappas chose Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick (above), a 31-year-old account executive and single father from Kirkland, Wash., during Monday evening's Bachelorette season finale.

"I know more than anybody that people can change and you can learn more about yourself through an experience," Mesnick said.

"Do I think she led me on? I don't know. Maybe a little bit. But I really don't fault her for it at all anymore."

Mesnick said he was able to achieve "final closure" on the situation when he saw Pappas and Csincsak at The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special.

"The connection they had and what I saw on the show when I was there filming was absolutely love and a look that she gave him that she couldn't live without him, and she never gave that to me," Jason Mesnick said.

"I need to have that in my life; I think we all deserve to have that in our life. It's not a connection or look that she ever gave me."

Mesnick explained that the look he was referring to that DeAnna Pappas gave Csincsak - as well as, in his opinion, fellow ousted suitor Graham Bunn - was something he didn't notice until watching the finale episode.

"Sometime early on when we were on a group date and Graham was there where she was just so drawn to him - that's early on in the process - it was something where I knew she had to look at me like that," he said.

"For some reason I didn't feel it as much on the group dates, but on the individual dates I always felt it. But I'll say that it was very different than what I saw at the After the Final Rose special. When I saw [DeAnna and Jesse] together, it made me really happy to see both of them happy. But also it made me feel like that's exactly what we all need in our lives."

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I don't want Jason to be the next bachelor because I want to be the one to get to know him. He seems like a great guy and wonderful father. Some day, I wish I can meet him! :)


Jason is such a wonderful guy and would make anyone a fabulous husband. He is great with his son and would make a wonderful, loving father to any child blessed enough to have him as a father. Deanna could not have asked for a more understanding, caring human being in her life. Jesse is a nice guy but I really don't think he is ready to settle down and have a family like Deanna claims she is.


my heart goes out to Jason. He has his life in order and is such a gentleman. I feel that Deanna made the wrong decision. Jesse is not ready to settle down. It may seem that way now but we will see what happens down the road.
Jason your too good for Deanna!!
Sorry Deanna
Disappointed in Wisconsin


First of all, Hollywood Gossip, I would like to THANK YOU for finally putting the number of comments for each post (without having to click on the comment section)...awesome new addition! Poor Jason- I really feel like he would make a great next Bachelor. Women signing up for it would already know in advance that he has a child so they wouldn't have an issue with that. He really does seem like a sweet, smart guy who really has it together- he just needs a good woman(someone BETTER than DeAnna, in my opinion)...

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