Jason Earles: Leave Miley Cyrus Alone!

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Jason Earles plays Miley Cyrus' older brother on Hannah Montana.

Now, life is imitating art, as the young actor is speaking out in defense of his friend.

"I feel like they are picking on her," Earles told People Magazine, referring to the criticism Cyrus has received for a number of recently released photos. "She's a really good kid and like any normal 15-year-old, she's not always going to make the best decisions.

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Jason Earles and Miley Cyrus: Friends and co-stars.

Earles also emphasized the overlooked charity work Miley focuses on.

"If you'd see the amount of time she spends with the Make-A-Wish kids that come down to the set or the Phone-A-Friend program, where she calls these sick kids to cheer them up," he said. "If people saw the amount of positive things that she does, they would see how silly the picture 'scandals' really are."

Cyrus, who her friend says is a "great role model," is in the middle of filming the Hannah Montana movie. Do you agree with what Earles said?

Is the media too critical of Miley Cyrus?


nope they are all right to go hard on her. i actually dont see many 15 year olds make that mistake. she knows better. and being famous does have something to do with it. there are kids that look up to her. i dont think many people have role models on myspace.


i agree
i know girls who put waaaaaaaaay worse pictures of themselves on myspace and everyone comments saying things like "hot, pretty, cute" but JUST because miley cyrus is famous, they are picking on her


I totally AGREE with Jason Why? because The media should see all the positive things instead of the negative. "my advice" to miley is to not pay mind & just keep doing what you do best=]


ignore the press and keep on doing a great show on disney channel,my little girl is 3 years old and she loves the show,all of you are really good actors and actress keep it up guys


Miley is NOT a good role-model for pre-teens or any children, but I don't blame her for trying to get big like celebrities usually do. Her friend Jason says that all her age are going to do some stupid things, but its clear that she knows what she is doing and she likes it. Go ahead and pick on her, she deserves it for sure!


Sometimes I think the media is out to get Miley just because she is so wholesome and a role model. They can't wait for her to screw up and jump on it. They also make a bigger deal out of it than it really is.


i'm not mad about the pictures because i know everyone makes mistakes, but she made fun of demi and selena on youtube? that made me really mad.




i completely agree. the media needs to back off of miley and let her live her life and stop trying to make her look so bad. she is basically a child, and its time for the media to realize and act like it.


Ok Jason you rock!!! I totally agree with you. Miley is trying her best but everyone makes mistakes and some of the things she did are NOTHING compared to what other celebrities do/did.


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