Interview with Vanessa Hudgens: Nude Photos Revisited

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While the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal may have taken place months ago, the High School Musical star is still asked about it from time to time.

Most recently, the folks at ABC's Good Morning America Radio asked for Vanessa's take on the controversy. See her answer the questions now and check out a pair of replies below:

On her fans backing her up after the nude photo scandal hit: "My fans were amazing because they have stood by my side. They really are my core group. My family's always there for me. I just surround myself with good people and try to think of good things."

On how she felt when the photos first hit the Internet: "I think people thought I took it lighter than I really did. For me, it was really tough because I'm a private person and for something like that at to happen, it's so mean. It's just a horrible thing. It sucks. But thankfully it's over and it's in the past."


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i hhate when people talk adout other people it is just not right vanessa's nude pictures is just the past so forgeet about it blame miley cyrs for telling to take those pics.


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well shes of course beautiful and if she decided to take
pics naked thats her thinq.
if she was a normal girl no one would be referring to her
as a whore and hating her guts for it but, because shes famous beautiful and dating
an extremely gorgeous boyfriend everyone hates her now.
people always look for a reason to hate on a lucky celeb.
im not a huge fan of her but im sure shes a great girl
i dont know her so i wont judge. and its not like she
wanted these pictures to leak. they just did .. they were
HER personal bussiness. and i can bet you anything half the people who hate her for the nude pictures most likely have sent
or taken nude or slutty ass photos themselves. :) Ducessz.


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Yeah, Zac doesn't even give a crap about that Cindi chick. He probably doesn't know she exists. Vanessa probably doesn't read this crap anyways so what's the point in sending messages directed toward her? Giving your bf a nudy pic doesn't make her a ho. As if no one else has done that. It's not like she's a porn star, and if she was, most of you people would rush out and buy the DVD anyways. Most of you people need to grow up.


Why in the hell are all of you people bagging on her. She's an adult now. If she wants to send nudy pics to her boyfriend, that's her business. How does that make her a hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? Don't act like you are all perfect. As to whether she deserves Zac or not, that's not up to you either. Don't you "haters" have anything better to do? If you don't like her then don't look her up on the internet you idiots. BTW Cindi, Zac is a celeb, your get over yourself.




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Vanessa Hudgens is a singer/actress who is best known for her work in High School Musical. Of course, a naked picture scandal didn't... More »
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You know, we’re here to talk about the movie.

Vanessa Hudgens [as a press conference for High School Musical 3, asked about Miley Cyrus photos]

Just recently I've learned to be okay with myself without wearing makeup. I think it was a special someone telling me that I didn't need it. I started taking care of my skin and realized I didn't need as much as I thought I did.

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