If You Were Wondering Why K-Fed Got Custody ...

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Brad, Angelina and Six Kids!
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@ shannon I totally agree with you.....Britney is going to be on top again, it's only a matter of time. All this criticizing is only going to make her a stronger person.


this is stupid. It looks like she is taking the cigs away & I'm sure she took the lighter away next, but I bet there is a picture of that too..but that wouldn't make her look bad so they ignore it.


Nothing will ever be good enough for people when a picture says 1000 words. If she survives what the world is putting her through she will be a bad bitch.


Millions of people smoke in front of their children - wrong or right - this is a fact. But Britney sells, is also a fact. So if no "bad news" then they use what they got and make it look bad. Good news is gossip too so the good news is BRITNEY LOOKS GRET AND IS DOING WELL! BEST WISHES TO BRITNEY SPEARS!!!


I know I sound stupid.........I meant LIGHTER! LOL She's still stupid as hell!


She is so stupid!!!!!!! He has a damn liter in his hand!!!!!


Leave Britney alone.. It's so easy to critize sum1 whose always in the paper there's a hell of a lot worst people on this earth!!!! Maybe you should take a look at urself no1's perfect.


stop picking on britney! i'm pretty sure i've curiously picked up a pack of cigarettes lying around when i was a child! at least she's not holding the cigarette so the smoke's getting in the boys eye... and also she seems like she's taking the cig packet away from him anyway.

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