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    I do not think there is such a thing as a "perfect parent".. I believe that people need to leave her alone.. Stop picking on her and worry about YOU are doing wrong or right.. We can ALL approve our lives...


    Think of what shes been through, She is an amazing singer and needs all the support she can get.
    The paparazzi is watching her every move. And that is more likely to make u slip up!
    Leave her alone. Give her time to rest and she will get her boys back an be making more and more number1 hits as she does!


    1) She seems like she's taking the cig packet away from her child!

    2)Every stupid thing is good to make a bad news on britney *yawn*

    3)If she had her problems it's the fault of her ex husband too. He was never with his childs and his's to easy to be an "angel&good father" now and during all of their marriage he goes everynight with the prostitutes.

    4)A suggestion: make you a life or a boyfriend!


    O M G ….plz forget the lighter and cigarettes…. why paparazzi doest leave her alone?????
    Why you people always would like pocking your noise into the others business???? I love Britney,,,, lets pray for her to be back again in top head as well as before ……


    Many parents smoke. Many children are curious. He was not holding a "liter"...he picked up a LIGHTER... most LIGHTERS are child proof these days folks. Many kids do that too. She appears to but taking them away from him. Don't you think that K-idiot has to do the same thing almost daily as well....except his is not a cig but a joint...bag of weed...rolling papers...


    Smoking is bad for the voice and she is supposedly a singer!! Many, many years I too smoked but I never left my lighter or cigarettes in view. Kids mimic parents in time and fortunately I quit and my son never smoked because I informed him of the hazards.


    Yup, she's a bad mom for taking it away from him. "K-Fed" smokes too so I'm sure it's happened at his house as well. Ask any parent that smokes, it happens.


    oh ma god yall make a big deal out of everything its not that bad she is taking it away yall act like she letin him smoke the dang thing get a life 4real


    You've come a long way girl!!!! No your thang


    Big deal, I am now 45 and my dad was a smoker. I picked up his cigs and ligher several times as a child, and got yelled at for it, along with my 5 other sibs. My father use to hold all of us and smoke, who knew back then it was such a bad thing. But I grew up normal, have 2 college degrees and a great other words...Leave Britt alone and her kids and they just might have a chance....

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