Heidi Montag: Heidiwood Rules!

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While Lauren Conrad defended herself from criticism that she outsources her fashion line and merely slaps her name on it, another star of The Hills was out promoting her foray into the celebrity fashion universe.

The controversial Heidi Montag was doing what Victoria Beckham and other celebrity fashion icons haven't - promoting her clothing line in person at Kitson.

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

She was doing her bit to plug her Heidiwood line at the trendy Los Angeles boutique - which recently dropped the fashion line of Lauren Conrad - and she was aided and abetted by her loyal pimp-fiance, Spencer Pratt.

"It's selling really well," Heidi said of her debut into the fashion world. "It's one of the number one-selling celebrity clothing lines."

One of the number one lines? Whatever you say, Heidi ...

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag shill for Heidiwood.


Admit it--they're cute together! They look great together and if Lauren had agreed, all ya'll would agree too. I like them--more power to them!


no one really wants to dress like you give it up.Your taste in men and clothes is sad, that dress that you wore on regis and kelly TACKY!!!!!!!

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