Hayden Panettiere: The Music Video!

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Yesterday we reported on Hayden Panettiere's debut album (really) and single "Wake Up Call." Well, the 18-year-old star released a video to go with it.

Personally, we find it pretty frickin' dreadful.

Hot Hayden P.

Trust us, it's hard to criticize an actress we really lust after respect. It just makes so little sense. Not only is this typical, awful, mailed-in pop dreck - with cliched lyrics about going to clubs no less - the Heroes star is already that - a star!

In other words, she doesn't need a stupid album to raise funds to support a lavish lifestyle, and doesn't seem obsessed with her own celebrity (cough, Paris Hilton). So why put out an awful album in the first place? It just doesn't compute.

But you decide for yourself. Here's the video ...



I found Hayden's voice, song, and video to be completely underwhelming. Hayden love, stick to acting. You're really good at it, and have something going for you there. Don't get ahead of yourself.


Candies clothing are what make this video hot. Hayden, please stick to acting..


Watch out Ali and Heidi.. u got serious competition!
I'm gonna have a real hard time deciding which album i should buy.. NOT!!!!! Seriously...




I don't like it. It's not interesting at all


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