Face-Off: Did DeAnna Pappas Make the Right Decision?

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Jesse Csincsak. Jason Mesnick. The stunning Bachelorette finale last night, in which Jesse was chosen over Jason by the lovely DeAnna Pappas, has sparked massive reader responses - and is the subject of this afternoon's Face-Off ...


YES by mischalova

Kids can be awfully cute (see Rossdale, Kingston). But they can also create enormous amounts of pressure, causing certain third basemen to stray from marriage and have sex with exotic dancers named Candice Houlihan.

This is relevant to Deanna Pappas' decision to choose Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick because the latter Bachelorette contender has a child. While this may endear him to many readers, it was an obvious turn-off to Deanna.

And isn't it her right to make that decision for herself, people?

Following her heart-wrenching, public rejection by Brad Womack, Deanna was still willing to put herself out there, still willing to open herself up to America in her quest for a soul mate. That takes guts.

Know what else takes guts? Earning a living as a professional snowboarder, the field chosen by Jesse Csincsak. It's an industry ripe with potential injury, yet not with a guaranteed monthly paycheck.

Sounds a lot like reality television star, doesn't it?

So instead of questioning Deanna Pappas' selection of Jesse, I'm here to praise it. Let's just hope one can avoid pain on the slopes of Colorado, while the other can avoid further pain in her heart.

NO by Free Britney

This celebrity gossip blogger's heart ached for Jason Mesnick last night.

After a full season of saying she wanted to settle down with a mature man with strong family values, with the goal of having children, DeAnna Pappas pulled a 180 at the last second and rejected the perfect candidate.

In his place, D got engaged to an awkward snowboarder.

Despite no discernible chemistry with Jesse Csincask, DeAnna Pappas let the right choice go in Jason Mesnick - a classy, sincere businessman from Seattle who - as we saw - has the right priorities and is great with kids.

The stark contrast in maturity was evident when the guys picked out rings for DeAnna (nice product placement BTW, Bachelorette). Jason was confident and collected. Jesse was about to puke at the prospect of "forever."

This is the guy she's supposedly marrying?

In the end, perhaps DeAnna Pappas just got cold feet. Maybe she was more in love with newfound fame and freedom than she is with Jesse, and couldn't bear the thought of settling down with the sure bet. At least not yet.

Collateral damage: A nice guy finishing last yet again.

Did DeAnna Pappas make the right move getting engaged to Jesse Csincsak (left) on The Bachelorette - or was Jason Mesnick the better option?


I realize this sounds phoney, but my mother's next door neighbor has a daughter who knows Jesse (she skis a lot in Colorado) and she said he is a real jerk. (Just repeating what I heard.) I was rooting for Jason as well. He is solid, reliable, VERY romantic, and sincere. Sorry, DeAnna, but you chose the one that isn't going to last. I also felt heartbroken for Jeremy. He seemed sincere and a nice guy, although may be high maintenance (all his "things" he must have). One last thing....anyone count up the times DeAnna professed her heart was breaking? Get real. I lost respect for her along the way.


In my opinion: Jesse and Jason are both awesome in their own ways. Money does not make a marriage at all, neither does looks, there has to be a connection that can't be broken. I wish them both all the luck in the world. Was Jess my choice for her, no, Jason was, he has it all. Jeremy, omg, he would be a controlling husband/boyfriend, that was obvious from the beginning. His way or no way. I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!
Up to us? Heck no, everyone has their own reasons for who they think is their soul mate. We have nothing to say about it. Everyone is different.
So good luck to both of them and may Jason find his forever person also.


I am very impressed with DeAnna in the selection she made. I watched this show with much interest and I knew that she would pick Jessie when I saw their first kiss. The famous lyrics that say "If you want to know if he loves you so - it's in his kiss" - said it all. I hope they make it and show that true love can prevail.


Jesse vs. Jason vs. Jeremy. I would have taken Jeremy myself, but Deanna is a free spirit. No one knows what goes on in someone else's heart.
She needs attention and adulation and Jesse seems to give that to her. I don't know about the job situation, though. It remains to be seen.


Jeremy is SOOOO lucky that he didn't get stuck with Deanna. He is such a class act (even with all the rude comments made towards him). Of course, made by jealous men on the show. He should definitely be the next Bachelor. He is a perfect catch. How stupid and self centered is Deanna. Unbelieveable. I couldn't stand watching her by the end of the season. I was quite embarassed for her. Count your blessings Jeremy (and Jason).


Have to agree with Karina. Jessie was my choice all along; only because I have loved and I saw the look in her eyes when she looked at him. That can not be faked. And, for all you ladies who are willing to settle for paycheck; passion is what holds a marriage together, not money. I feel sorry for any man who marries a woman without "the look". Good luck D&J. You did well.


Deanna made the wrong choice and she will live to regret it; just my opinion or maybe ABC edited Jessie's scenes to make us believe that she will pick Jason. I am still pissed off and hope Jason and that sexy Jeremy find true love. Deanna is a confused, spoiled b**** who wants adoration from her male partenr 24/7, so how is she gonna cope when the sparks die and kids are involved.


Sorry, but chemistry beats money any day. Jesse always seemed genuine and Jason was just plain smarmy. That may look good on TV but it would be like living with a salesman always trying to make the sale. He makes me itch and not in a good way.


Deanna, Deanna, Jesse looks like he has been raised in a cattle farm, (she did not go for the looks) - that's is for sure, also, he has no decent job. Regarding her decision at the final episode, she is showing that she is totally immature or stupid. She is talking about having a family and interested in marriage, what in the world she's thinking. To Jason and Jeremy: be glad Deanna did not pick you guys, you probably would have been sorry being with her after couple months of real dating with this girl.


Deanna made a big mistake by chosing Jesse, what is wrong with her, she's not 16 yrs old anymore, first of all Jesse was the worst looking guy in the bunch, mind you looks is not the only thing but c'mon, Jesse has not steady job, so the whole reason for Deanna to have picked him is certainly only for fun for a while, I bet those two will not last very long

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