Elle Airbrushes the Crap Out of Jessica Simpson

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Either that or they used an file photo, circa 2001. But most likely it's just airbrushing. Only InTouch or Star would actually try to pass off an older picture (as we saw with their recent, outstanding Britney Spears efforts).

Seriously, the last time Jessica Simpson looked like this, she was married to (and cheating on) Nick Lachey while confusing meat products on reality TV. And what's with the plaid? We get it, she "country" now. Yawn.

If the HUGE text covering most of her body were supposed to distract us, you failed, Elle! A word to the wise: Quit wasting your time on this hack and just give us Marisa Miller or someone like that next time, K? Cool.

Jessica Simpson graces the new cover of Elle. We have no clue why.


If Jessica Simpson looked like she does on this magazine cover, in real life she would be much prettier. I did not even recognize her when I saw this cover. I was thinking, "that could not be Jessica Simpson." It still does not look like her. Where's the cleft in her chin? And like Kylie mentioned, her "bugs bunny teeth [are] less noticeable." I'm sure their are other things they must have done to make her look better but I don't notice it, so it must be subtle.


They took of about 30 lbs. got rid of the black roots and crows feet and made the bugs bunny teeth less noticable. It doesn't look anything like the real Jessica looks. Just one question, can she talk about anything other than men? No?


Yes celebrities get air brushed all the time, so why is this news?! Why pick on Jess?! She is beautiful and talented, so of course jealous people make fun!! Just like when Ash got caught lip singing and the world made such a big deal about it!! Hello! Do you know how many celebs lip synch?! Get over it!! Leave the Simpson's alone already!!


god SHUT UP! always picking on everyone, jessica is beautiful and is a good singer, some people dont even deserve to be celebrities yet you have nothing but nice things to say about them, this girl can really sing and is so pretty. Yes she is airbrushed, every single cover of every magazine is airbrushed, thats why teenage girls feel so bad and opt for plastic surgery nowadays as they want false perfection, i say false perfection as they want to be like the girls on these covers but these girls arent really like that, and its disgusting to be airbrushed that much to be honest, jessica simpson doesnt even need airbrushing!


omg, firstly 99% of celebs are airbrushed so why just pick on Jessica and lastly but most importantly, when did jess cheat on nick? (wheres your evidence?)


Every celebrity is air brushed; so don't just single out Jessica Simpson. I personally think she is beautiful whether she is air brushed or not!


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