Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View Panel Debate Use of N-Word

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Rosie O'Donnell may be off The View. But she didn't take all the show's controversy with it.

On this morning's episode, Elizabeth Hasselbeck broke down in tears during a discussion about under what circumstances the "N" word can be used appropriately. Take a look at the heated debate now

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Whoopi Goldberg, an African-American, said: "We use it the [word the way] we want to use it," but Hasselbeck was soon brought to tears, asking:

"How are we supposed to move forward if we keep using words that bring back that pain?"

It's a sensitive topic. React to the video and to the issue now.


I don't always agree with her but bottom line... the crazy white girl is right. It's like Bill Cosby says... the African American culture is never going to progress until they begin to let go of the past. Regardless of who uses that word, it is not right.


Elizabeth is a class act. She needs to quit the View and stop swimming in the sewer with a bunch of nutcase men hating bitter old women.


I thought that African Americans wanted to be seen as equal and not for their skin color??? It seems to me that Elizabeht was making the point that we should move forward, and it seems that the past can never be forgotten...and well it shouldn't be, but it shouldn't be brought up everytime a colored person gets in trouble...I see people as equal, I never give a second glance to anyone's color. Whoopi said we live in different worlds, and yeah that's true, but alot, not all, but alot of that reason is because yall choose too, you throw the race card everytime and you can't expect anyone else to move forward if you yourself won't move forward...No one should us the "N" word...EVER...If you have to explain to your white child that they are not allowed to use it but their black friend is, how is that moving forward??? How is that creating equality? It is just once again putting up a wall between races...but this time it is not because white people don't want to move forward...


The meaning and context of the N word was defined years ago by the masters while they were beating our ancestors. The meaning have not and will not ever change. It is very sad that we have a choice today not to be called deragatory names, and we still choose to call each other and to be called this name. I was born and raised in Mississippi and I remember that was one of the last words that Emmett Teal heard before he was killed.I think that word should stay buried and never rise again.


what can you say? Spoiled, perfect-pretty Hasselbeck doesn't have
much exposure to the outside world!... She still
supports Bush. That pretty much says it all! Deluded, immature, just a dressed-up android...
What does she bring to the table at The View?
A. Not a heck of a lot, although she tries to
act so opinionated. If they want superficial
decoration, just get a tablecloth. Your opinions aren't worth much if you have no
perspective and one round of 'Survivor' isn't
a claim to fame. I got lost once abroad and had to fend for myself
while my luggage went to Mumbai, India, by accident.
Does that make me the next hit guest host on national
TV?? Sheesh, our country just gets increasingly dumb
by the minute.


you whites dont get it and never will. blacks use the word in a non-offensive way to mock the white racists. for whites, they have ALWAYS used it in a context of hate, degradation and racial superiority. "but they call themselves that" is another racist rationalization...witness the term "they" as if all blks use it. whites have subjugated and suppressed the so called minority races for centuries. its about to change and perhaps then you will begin to comprehend what it truely feels like to be a minority.


Elizabeth was cring because she lied just like Mark Ferman in the OJ trial. She never used the N word. Right! She is a N word (Nut) The View need to get rid of her soon.


I love Elizabeth. I guess I will teach my children it is ok for you to use that word but not us honey we are white. R we not to teach our kids everyone is equal. How is this equal?


Ugh I hate Elizabeth...shes WHITE how does she know the pain the black people went through with that word..what a douche bag...someone needs to shut her up...


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