Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View Panel Debate Use of N-Word

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Rosie O'Donnell may be off The View. But she didn't take all the show's controversy with it.

On this morning's episode, Elizabeth Hasselbeck broke down in tears during a discussion about under what circumstances the "N" word can be used appropriately. Take a look at the heated debate now

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Whoopi Goldberg, an African-American, said: "We use it the [word the way] we want to use it," but Hasselbeck was soon brought to tears, asking:

"How are we supposed to move forward if we keep using words that bring back that pain?"

It's a sensitive topic. React to the video and to the issue now.


well gosh lady you dont have to be so rude. damnn chill out.


"God went to Adam, in the cool of the evening,
NOT in the HEAT of the day" Author Unknown


Obviously not... Elisabeth's VIEW was never all that important anyway.


Can't we all just get along!!!!! LOL


I dont care WHO or WHAT you are. If Americans dont want double standards or segregation based on color or beliefs, then NO ONE should use the word. Whoopie says its because of history. History is about what used to be, not what is NOW. If we want to move on, get along and live in harmony, then "double meanings" need to stop. Words such as this need to be eliminated or EVERYONE should be allowed to use it.


i never use the word and don't like anyone using the word. that is so weird to me, cause when i think about, i always teased my mother about being a limie, english. i suppose it depends how the word is used and who is using it. the word should not be promoted, but the newfies went through lots in their days.


I never watch "The View", I'm one of those stupid patsy's that actually goes to work everyday to support my family...However, I know enough about the show and the hosts to advise Elizabeth to heed the Biblical admonition to "not cast (her) pearls before swine". She is the ONLY person on the show who has any sense whatsoever about life and reality and the other three are an (ugly) bunch of liberal, brainwashed, pompous, self-important harpys. She's wasting her time and (unfortunately) giving the other three FAR more credibility than they deserve or could garner on their own. Gallant effort sister but you need to pull the plug on it!


Gosh! I didn't know there was so much HATE torward another person (Elisabeth)... I thought that is what this country is trying to move past! The whole point of the 'View' is for each woman to state their opinions and talk about them. No one is to say if each are right or wrong! Isn't she entitled her opinion? All the other women aren't getting slammed because of what they think...


To Cathy, why would you want to use the n-word being white, what would be your reason for using this word? Why would you want to teach your kids to use it,even if it's fair for them to or not. I find your statement puzzling, it's as if you want black people to give you permission to use it. You have to set the tone for your kids, I'm a black mother of three and I have not allowed my son's to use this word in any for (endearment, brotherhood or racial slur againt your own)Again it's up the parent to set the tone. I hope you set the right one.


I hate the N word and I don't think ANYONE should use it. It is offensive, and it is a double standard to say sometimes its ok and sometimes it is not. It is OFFENSIVE!


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