Donald Trump: Anne Hathaway is a Sellout

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Donald Trump will offer up his opinion on, well, just about everything, and it doesn't matter if anyone asked for it. The Donald's newest target: Anne Hathaway and her "sellout" response to the Raffaello Follieri situation!

The star of The Apprentice recently told Access Hollywood that it was extremely "disloyal" of Anne Hathaway to leave Raffaello Follieri. Seriously.

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"She hasn't remained very loyal to him, has she? So when he had plenty of money, she liked him," Trump said. "But after that, not as good, right?"

Donald Trump is critical of Anne Hathaway's dispatching of Raffaello Follieri.

Trump missed have missed the fact that Raffaello Follieri was arrested three times in as many months - the third courtesy of the frickin' FBI.

You'd also think that being worth $2 billion, Donald would know more about gold-digging. Anne wasn't in it for the money - she's rich too, idiot!

Heather Mills would have stuck by Follieri long enough to marry his ass with no pre-nup and quickly divorce him though, we're fairly sure of that.


There's a good explanation of what happened to Ms. Hathaway, and how she could fall for a con man, on the Lovefraud Blog. Read the story, "Donald Trump doesn't even understand con men!"


Did Trump expect Anne to stay Loyal even though this con man was up to his neck in lawsuits etc. Or was it that Trunp dosen't consider ripping off poeple of any concern. A close friend of Follieri's has confirmed that Anne is completely innocent and had no idea what he was up to.


He does have a point...especially if she benefitted from his fraud. If she knew about it, she's just as bad as him. If we find out later, she was in on it...she should catch some flak too!


What a loser he is. Maybe he should have stayed "loyal" to his wives instead of cheating on them!

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