DeAnna Pappas Picks ... Jesse Csincsak?!

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Nice guys really do finish last.

In a bit of a stunner tonight on The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas rejected wonderful single dad Jason Mesnik - the superior candidate by almost any measure - instead opting for goofy "professional snowboarder" Jesse Csincsak (pictured).

In typical Bachelorette fashion, viewers were led to believe Jason Mesnick - a loving father to three-year-old Ty and a grounded businessman from Washington - had it locked up, outshining his competition throughout and charming her family.

But it was Jesse Csincsak who DeAnna Pappas chose - and is engaged to.

Did DeAnna Pappas make the right call with Jesse Csincsak?


I wish Jesse and Deanna good luck and congratulations. I hope they make it. They sem very happy together. Jason will find true love too. Now that he has had exposure on tv, it won't take long. Women will be throwing themselves at his feet. Ty will have a mom before we know it. as to whether he wants to be the next bachelor, that is his decision. I thought he was very cute, real, and sweet. I'm sure he will make someone a great husband. Just because he got a divorce from his first wife, doesn't mean anything. Lots of people get divorced. Doesn't mean there is anything wrong with him. Maybe they just grew apart as he said, or weren't right for each other. I wish him better luck next time.


I'm so glad Deanna chose Jessie, once the parents said Jessie came into their life as a 'gift from God" , he's it. Deanna showed that there's more than money, security, good looks, education- she just fell for the guy who loves her the most. In previous shows of Bachelor/rette, iit's about what' s external and material, who has the most money, most education, the most physical looks, that's why the Bachelor has no marriage yet, --
And some people of Jessie not makinga living, he can start a snowboarding school and ski lodge, since he has the publicity already, and he can make more money than just being a lawyer working for legal office. Since both are athletic and adventuresome, they've the energy to start something new


I am so happy that DeAnna picked Jesse. They have so much chemistry, they literally sizzled on t.v. I realized that DeAnna was going to choose Jesse for sure when all three were sitting on the couch and DeAnna held Jesse's hand, locked in together... whereas, Jason and her did not. May they find much happiness together. True love is like winning a lottery. It is so hard to find.
I hope Jeremy or Jason become the next Bachelor. They both are good guys who deserve finding a good person to love.


I am glad she picked Jesse. Jesse is perfect, such the perfect couple. Really!!!!


While I thought Jesse was cute and funny I think she picked the wrong guy...and last night the show "After the last rose ceremony" I thought Deanna went a little overboard in the public display of affection...almost as if she was playing a part. I don't really see them making it and Jason really does deserve someone better...I would almost guess that she will be calling Jason at some point and I hope he tells her where to get off.


She picked the right man. The love & chemistry between them is palpable.
Love ,respect and take care of one another for this special love seldom comes in peoples lives.
Hold on to it forever.


I am so happy she picked jesse he was my pick for her the whole time, u watch back and see the way she looked at him they always seem to have a great time together! Congrats to the both of u and deanna u picked the perfect guy! Opposites do attract trust me on that one....


My watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows is finished. She became what she said she wouldn't be..totally phony and lying about falling in love with two men. Says a lot about her in picking an immature inarticulate guy that just wants to have fun. All he kept saying was "this is ridiculous"--and that is how I felt after watching this show. Jason does deserve a better person. He was the most complete person in all respects. She seemed too selfish to be in his life, so he should count himself lucky!


I was rooting for Jason because he was there for all the right reasons. My concern is in all the shows of the Bachelor(ette) the only ones who have made it are the ones who actually picked the sensible/normal candidates.,eg (trista and Ryan and Bryan andMary) I like this show but it has started to be a race against time as to who can they fall in love with quickly. Maybe they need to try and add a month of home dating before the final rose.


jason is a little crying bitch. i know deanna lead him on, but she new who she would choose after the family dates. she played the jesse card all the way thru, past jeremy and jason, which was a little sad. but jason is sooo not the bachelor type. who knows why his ex left him, he seems like a nerd. jesse is true and will make deanna very happy. im glad deanna saw this

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