DeAnna Pappas Picks ... Jesse Csincsak?!

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Nice guys really do finish last.

In a bit of a stunner tonight on The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas rejected wonderful single dad Jason Mesnik - the superior candidate by almost any measure - instead opting for goofy "professional snowboarder" Jesse Csincsak (pictured).

In typical Bachelorette fashion, viewers were led to believe Jason Mesnick - a loving father to three-year-old Ty and a grounded businessman from Washington - had it locked up, outshining his competition throughout and charming her family.

But it was Jesse Csincsak who DeAnna Pappas chose - and is engaged to.

Did DeAnna Pappas make the right call with Jesse Csincsak?


Congratulations Jessie & Deanna! Being an outdoorsy, professional snowboarder proves that Jessie is serious & extremely talented & committed to his chosen career! He's sincere & kind; & he has several sponsors. Jessie is quite accomplished, despite his exterior, fun loving personality. Naysayers might consider how difficult it is, & the dedication it takes to reach the level of being a PRO athlete! I think Deanna made a wise choice for her & Jessie's interests; they both followed their hearts. I wish them both the best, & much happiness for many years to come! They took a bold risk, which seems to have lead them on a wonderful journey together!


Jason is a sweetheart and you know he'll be the next Bachelor!! With the ridiculous tv editing we have NO IDEA what all conversations transpired between the 2 men and her parents. DeAnna went with her heart and chose Jesse and you can't fault her for that! Jesse is a good guy, too, and I'm so happy for the both of them! They seem very in love. Here's to a lifetime of happiness, DeAnna & Jesse!! :)


jesse has the ugliest face i have ever seen she should have picked jason he has experiance and a good job!


I fell in love with Jason from Day 1. He will make someone very happy. Although, Jesse and Dee seemed so happy together. I couldn't help but smile as I watched them together. I cannot wait until next season!!!


I absolutely adore Jesse. He is such a cool guy and he's R-E-A-L. Jason was a goofball and if he held her chin one more time when he kissed her, I was going to scream! The man I recently got engaged to is someone I ordinarily wouldn't given a second look at, just like DeAnna with Jesse. Trust me ladies, it's the men who you get to know slowly and fall in love with because of who they are inside, not what they look like on the outside that makes for a lasting relationship. DeAnna - you absolutely made the right choice!!


I thought it was absolutly sweet that Jesse was so nervous about picking out a ring. To me that meant has really thinking of this in long term not just for the show. I think it was proof that Jason was not the one when all he kept saying was I thought I was ready to love again. Well, ethier you are or you are not. You did not change your mind because you were dumped. I went in to buy a ring so casual. Jesse is just the better fit.

Avatar many others I was rooting for Jason from the beginning...He just seemed like the sincere..great catch! But watching the show seems like Deanna at age 26 wasnt as ready as she thought to settle down and become a mom and wifey! She still wants to have fun and explore...and with Jason she would not be able to do that...she would just have an instafamily! Im sure she really did have strong feelings for Jason but she wouldnt be at a place where she wanted "in life" with him. I just wish she would have let him go sooner rather than keeping him to the end because like many will say she did do to him what brad did to her! Hopefully Jason will be the next bachelor!!


Monday night blew me away. I literally could not believe that any woman in America would actually choose Jesse over Jason. My husband threw his hands up and did a little happy dance in that "I told you so," fashion, and I just sat there shocked. My heart was completely broken... until I watched the "After the final rose" that aired next. I realized that Deanna is not the girl I thought she was. She was portrayed on television as this smart, sophisticated woman who had it all together and knew exactly what she wanted. When in all reality, as she admitted later, she is not. The woman I thought she was belonged with Jason. The woman she really is belongs with Jesse. I guess somewhere along the way I forgot that she's a former bartender, still really young and silly, and honestly just not at the same place in life that Jason is. Jason was in love with a woman that does not exist. She made the right decision.


Seriously DeAnna, you can't possibly be ready to marry Jesse if you can't fricken stop talking about Brad. Really, move on, Brad was an idiot who obviously wanted to be on TV, not unlike most of the other Bachelors in the past. But kudos to ABC and the producers of the Bachelor on their creative editing. For the past few seasons now I have been totally blindsided by the choices at the end. The Bachelor/Bachelorette seems to be completely into one person and then wham! I thought she would choose Jason, he seemed like the much better choice, he was very sweet. I agree with other comments, I hope he's the next Bachelor. As for DeAnna and Jesse, I just feel she's really trying to force her happy ending, and it's likely to backfire.
Oh and I like how they brought back Matt and Shayne, oh I'm totally convinced now that they're in it for life....whatever.


Deanna was a fool to even let Jason get as far as he did. He has a child! That child will always come first and Jason's ex-wife will always be in the picture. Been there, done that. No way should a young girl like Deanna get involved in that mess. She absolutely made the right decision. She and Jesse can have their own children with no extra baggage.

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