DeAnna Pappas Picks ... Jesse Csincsak?!

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Nice guys really do finish last.

In a bit of a stunner tonight on The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas rejected wonderful single dad Jason Mesnik - the superior candidate by almost any measure - instead opting for goofy "professional snowboarder" Jesse Csincsak (pictured).

In typical Bachelorette fashion, viewers were led to believe Jason Mesnick - a loving father to three-year-old Ty and a grounded businessman from Washington - had it locked up, outshining his competition throughout and charming her family.

But it was Jesse Csincsak who DeAnna Pappas chose - and is engaged to.

Did DeAnna Pappas make the right call with Jesse Csincsak?


umm yea im from denver so of course she made the right choice! looks are not everything you superficial sons of bitches!


She picked the right one baby, uh huh!!! Nothing wrong with Jason, he's a great catch and his bride will come. But Jesse is the perfect match for Deanna and it's refreshing to see that not all of America is superficial. She looked beyond the first physical impression and really listened. And yes, that ride on the snowboard would have sealed the deal for me!! He has heart and a sense of humor. CONGRATULATIONS to you both!


I cant believe she picked Jessie. I totally thought Jason was going to win. I had my heart set on him from the beginning. :(

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DeAnna Pappas Biography

Brad Womack, DeAnna Pappas
DeAnna Pappas is a former contestant on The Bachelor. She made it all the way to the final two on the show, only to be dissed - and... More »
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DeAnna Pappas [on Trista Rehn]: She’s like the poster child for The Bachelorette. She gave me some pretty good advice: Follow my heart and be true to myself. I can only hope to have a successful relationship like she has.

I’m thankful that he didn’t propose to me. Everything happens for a reason and I’m where I am today because of all of that and I’m very happy for that.

DeAnna Pappas