Coming Soon: Ashley Dupre Reality Show!

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NOTE: Coming Soon is not the title of the proposed reality show, appropriate as it would be. It's just being produced in the near future.

Slinging the poon for $4,300 an hour was good while it lasted, but the hooker who serviced New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is hoping for a new start.

Ashley Dupre From Behind

Thank goodness it will not involve Ashley Dupre singing. Instead, she's pitching (we all knew it was coming) ... a reality TV show!

Having abandoned her lawsuit against that sleaze Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild, the 23-year-old New Jersey ho is teaming up with production house Reveille for a reality show described as "a blend of Pretty Woman and Cinderella."

The show revolves around the idea that everyone has skeletons in the closet. For most of us, said skeletons do not involve giving the Democratic Governor of New York State condom-free fellatio, but that's neither here nor there.

BORRRRING: Unless it involves liaisons with some of her famous patrons like "Client No. 9," an Ashley Dupre reality show sounds like a snooze-fest to us.

Our fair heroine (also known as Ashley Alexandra Dupre, Ashley Youmans, and Ashley DiPietro) will work with a therapist to "come to terms with her past" and help her fall in love with one of her many male suitors, naturally.

Says a source close to the proposed Dupre series: "This is the story of a woman who is desperately seeking a second chance, and is willing to put her life under the microscope on national TV to try to redeem herself."

Or make money, we're guessing. Would you watch an Ashley Dupre reality show - and is it wrong to glorify a former prostitute with her own program?

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If she ia awarded a show and more attention than this world is a joke. Rewarding her for being a scumbag is not a role model you want on national television; and a network for kids and young adults. "Kids, look what you can have if you suck off a married man and ruin lives?!" greeeeeeat NYPOST keep giving her the attention she is clearly desperate of.


What the hell would they call this thing? Take this poll to vote for its unholy name: My personal fave is The Price is Right


"4,300 bucks for a shot of Ashley poon just ain't worth the money. On the best of days, Miss Dupre is probably a $100 date, and that must come with a go at suck-a-hochi!