Celebrity Weight Loss Tips: Hilary Duff

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We've always loved Hilary Duff because she's true to herself - she doesn't slut it up hard or eschew eating just because other celebs choose to.

But while our girl added a boyfriend in NHL star Mike Comrie, she has shed some pounds in the past year, gaining a more svelte figure.

Carrie Fisher Pre-Weight Loss

This celebrity's weight loss secret: Pilates.

Combined with reasonable dieting, Hilary Duff, 20, says she has seen her body transformed by the exercise regimen.

"I was a gymnast before, so I was a bit more bulky in the past. [Now] I have leaner longer muscles, my strength is up," she says.

Besides Pilates workouts three times weekly "for flexibility and toning," she gets her cardio boost from doing Piloxing.

That's a combo of Pilates and boxing! Sounds cool!




hi astrid here it is my b/day 2 day no jock!!!!


hi hill u lookgood ;0 IAM ANDER OK ilove u iam not lis ok !!!! I AM UR BIGEST FAn my sister love u youu r he insparang!!!!!


u look good hill hot i meen :~O


i think we all must try keep our body fit and we r who decide about our body!
So don't say why i'm fat and why i'm weak!!This words say to ur mind .i have in generall!
Hilary has been fat and look at her now!!Well Done Hil! Ur the best!!!!!!!!

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