Celebrity Fashion Police Include Brooke Hogan on Most Wanted List

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The good news for Brooke Hogan? At least she isn't wearing chaps.

The bad news for this reality TV star and awful singer? She's apparently stolen pants from a rickety old man.

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

Hogan looks confused in the photo below, perhaps because the waist of her pants is hiked up to the base of her breasts.

We feel bad that Brooke Hogan is going through so many family problems. But is that any excuse for wearing outfits such as this?


she's pretty and all but she doesn't know how to dress she looks like her mom!


she looks good, the pants are correct for her frame. Very nice one at that


wat is up wit those pants


its really not that bad. must be starving for some gossip to make such a big deal about that.


hey, why is every1 being so mean 2 brooke she is going through some very difficult patches in lyf lyk her mom is dating a NINETEEN YEAR OLD!!! cut her some slack guys!!!


Lmao, even her mum knows how to dress better than that.

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