Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Fergie vs. Carrie Underwood

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Here's a celebrity fashion face-off featuring a pair of singing stars - and a beautiful dress pattern that suits them both to a T.

Workout champ Fergie and country goddess Carrie Underwood leave subtle floral prints in the dust for their bold flower-motif dresses.

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

Which do you like better ...

Who wears the pattern best, Carrie Underwood or Fergie?

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FERGIE!!!!!!!!!! She is so pretty!!!!!!!You Go GIRL!!!!
Wohoo FERGIE!!!!!!Call you Stacy You make me crazy. AKA-Christian Faith Rhodes Big FERGIE FAN


Carrie Underwood looks so much better than Fergie. Fergie does look old. Carrie look so pretty!


OMG guys! Carrie's dress looks like Barney the Dinosaur threw up on it! Fergie's dress is way more flattering to her body and has the pattern in a more visable location of the dress (so you can actually tell what it is.) Fergie Ferg takes this round.


Carrie bigtime! She's so beautiful...


No, Carrie's dress is disgusting.. I'll go with Fergie, besides she is Hotter...


Carrie looks beautiful, fun, and flirty. Fergie looks like an old lady. Sorry, Ferg, but Carrie is the winner. However, I do think the dress looks a little big on her .

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