B-50 Ewwws: Kate Pierson Nude Photo Hits Internet

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For the B-52s' Kate Pierson, the love shack has become the nude photo shack!

Indeed, a picture of that group's lead singer in the buff was allegedly taken by a former lover. Since then, he's had a falling out with Pierson and responded in the only rational way he could think of:

By leaking a naked pic of the musician, taken from the days he was dating her. Follow this article's jump now to take a look at it...

Kate Pierson Nude

We wonder if this means a newly bitter Candice Houlihan will soon leak Alex Rodriguez nude photos around the Internet.

There's probably still a stripper or two out there that hasn't already see this slugger naked. Maybe. Probably not, actually.


It's fake! I know she, she is a nice and a beautiful girl... No this! She's my best singer and I know she personally... She's sweet, she'sn't a lesbian!


That pic is a fake. It is from an old old old concert poster for the B-52's from the lat 70's and the original photo for the poster is certainly not one of Kate Pierson.


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This is most obviously a fake. Someone cut around her face and bangs and put it on some white trash porn shot. It's incredibly unprofessional and reckless to post this as "real." Why would Kate be dating a man anyway at the age she is in the picture since she's been an outed lesbian for years now? It is horrible that you would post this as truth.


She need not be so upset about this matter;she's fabulous! I've always thought she was lovely,so this is a dream come true to see her like this. Would also dig some full-frontal shots of Shirley Manson,please...


Don't any of you have anything better to do than look at her....You all make me sick!Leave her alone!!!!


I guess I'm an old cynic, but isn't it a little odd that this should be, ahem, 'leaked' when the B-52's have a new CD to push? If Kate truly didn't want this to be published then I'm sorry for her. Otherwise - she looks pretty damn hot for a 60 year old woman.


I think she looks great. Not like a pile of bones with fake boobs.

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