Audrina Patridge Paid $5,000 an Hour ...

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... to do nothing! Man, and we thought Ashley Dupre was overpaid at $4,300 an hour. At least she had to service the Governor of New York State.

Turns out The Hills was just the beginning of Audrina's incredible fame for no real reason. Now the aspiring star is commanding huge hourly rates to well, show up at places and just stand there - and peeps are giving it up happily!

Frankie and Audrina unearthed a contract that shows Audrina will make $10,000 for just two hours worth of "work" at a nightclub in San Diego Saturday July 19 - effectively, she has appear, look reasonably hot and allow peeps to ogle her.

The contract also demands that Audrina Patridge gets:

  • A first-class suite (4-stars and up!)
  • Travel expenses comped
  • A secure VIP area
  • Unlimited free beer
  • Mixed drinks and bottle service
  • At least one security guard at all times

Man, no wonder Justin-Bobby keeps crawling back to this cash cow. The good life sure is easy. Although Spencer and Heidi supposedly get even more.

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Oh, wow. Does she really still need " The Hills? "


why does she never look at the camera and always look up? she always looks to me like she is missing a few too many brain cells.