Attention, Bachelorette Fans: E-mail Jason Mesnick!

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A single father from Washington State broadcasts his relationship status to the country only to be swamped with letters from adoring female fans.

Sleepless in Seattle, it's not. But Jason Mesnick, a.k.a. the nice guy DeAnna Pappas shot down in favor of Jesse Csincsak on The Bachelorette season finale, may be an even bigger hit with ladies than the Tom Hanks flick.

Ali Betrayed!

The 32-year-old single father (his son Ty is 3) has set up a new email account for any fans wishing to contact him.

“I’ve gotten thousands of comments from fans,” Jason Mesnick said.

“The generosity and the kindness is unbelievable. Every one is so sweet and nice. All the comments are pure love.”

After DeAnna Pappas told him in the finale that her “heart is somewhere else,” Jason Mesnick fans overloaded his MySpace account with comments and bombarded ABC with email. Producers finally set up a separate e-mail account just for him.

Fans can contact him directly at

“This really was set up as a way to accommodate his fans who wanted to reach out to him, not as a way of finding a match for him,” an ABC rep says.

Jason Mesnick checks the address once a day and tries to respond to every fan — even if it is just with a simple thank you.

“Every email starts the same. ‘I’ve never done this before and I’m not a stalker,’” he says. “I’ve even gotten a Sleepless in Seattle letter.”

Even if he doesn’t find love online - or become the next star of The Bachelor - Mesnick is feeling pretty good from the responses.

“I don’t care who you are in the world, Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, you have some sort of doubts about yourself,” he says.

“To know that people like me and accept me for who I am feels so good.”


jason i think you did a good job picking molly i hope you guys are happy totherther i knew you and molly was couple from the frist day kamie


He did not break up with her on TV. When Melissa walked out and sat down, she did not have a ring on her finger. I watched for that. They had already broken up. It was just for TV. You can't really get to know somebody when you have cameras in your face, and to make a decision of marriage in
such a short time is not realistic. Marriage is hard enough.
You need time to get to know one another. People break up all the time, except just because of TV he is a horrible person, that's so wrong.I could not have made a decision like that in such a short time, I would of needed time to get to know them more, in a different setting, away from cameras. I think being on a reality show, the cameras the
producers and people pushing you into things, you are not
in the right mind set, and to really think clearly. I hope
Jason and Molly really connect and find true happiness and


I dont think you deserve either of the 2 girls you messed with and I have never seen such a cry babey for a bachelor in my life. Im sure it wont work out so good luck.


For Jason Mesnick You are starting out in this new life together. I am 76 and my husband is 81...lying ahead are many celebrations, and I hope the sorros are very few for you three.
You did the right thing Jason, no question in my mind. You found your relationship with Melissa to be incompatible. It is far better that you had the integrity and honor to say goodbye and follow your heart.
All four of your lives will be much happier, Jason, because you were brave and strong.
My very best to you, Ty and Molly! With a heart full of love, Barbara Day


OMG Doug, reread what you wrote that was horrible. I understand what you mean BUT As A Mom of a 22 year girl and and 3 sons, I applaud Jason for telling Melissa how he feels. Would you rather have him marry Melissa feeling the way he does. "NOT"...He truely felt like he was making the right choice, BUT after getting to know Melissa, he found that she was not the right one. How does anyone truely know someone in that kind of setting. So I say give Jason a break, he wanted to tell Melissa, but under the rules of the show he had to tell her live on air. That is not his fault. Jason go with your heart it may end up after you really get to know Molly she won't be right for you either. Or you not right for her. But you did the right thing by letting Melissa go, and not leading her on. ABC is wrong for not letting you tell her off air. I blame the network, not you.


i think your a fine guy but i was wondering if that if i could babysit your Kid Tyson since i watch your son and hes so adorable one thing that i hate about you and you did it on monday it was so unbelivable that you did not choose Nikki because she a wonderful person he loves you i thought she was going to get the chance to get married with you but i see that not going to happen you really made a mistake seriously its not right what you did to Nikki she was right for you, you member when you saw the women arrived the only person you said look beautiful was Nikki i thought she was the one but i seem she was not.


Hi jason I admire ur courage to put urself out there. A single parent myself I know how difficult it is. Like i tell myself keep ur chin up, continue to focus on ty. They say all in his time not ours, everything happens for a reason. Ur not far from me.Im in vancouver Wa, grew up in puyallup,go to the fair every year.maybe i will get the lucky chance to get to know u,ty.

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