Ashley Kaufmann Speaks Out!

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Ashley Kaufmann is doing her best to prove she's a member of the Lohan family.

The rumored half-sister of Lindsay Lohan - ex-convict Michael Lohan has submitted his DNA to see if he did, indeed, impregnate Ashley's mom - recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the family mess.

Seeking fame and money without possessing any talent? Sounds like Ashley Kaufman has learned the ways of the Lohans already!



Good acting than Paris... If she's willing to apologize to Dinal bitch, I can imagine what low-levels she cud go to...YUCK!! But manipulating a 13-yr old child to say all this..whats the police doing??


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Ashley Kaufman might be the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan. Seriously! Lindsay's father, Michael, reportedly had an affair with Ashley's... More »
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