Ashley Harkleroad: Playboy Cover Girl

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On the cover of the latest Playboy, Ashley Harkleroad, nude, asks: Tennis, anyone?

And while many men who pick up the issue may never have played the sport in their lives, there's a good chance each and every one of them will be reaching for balls after seeing photos of Harkleroad naked.

We'll post those when they're released, of course, but enjoy the cover shot of the first-ever tennis player in Playboy now:

Ashley Harkleroad, Playboy

Ashley Harkleroad was inspired by Amanda Beard nude photos in Playboy.

Click on the following images, meanwhile, to see Ashley Harkleroad in action on the court. She gives a whole new meaning to the term "service break."

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compare this tennis issue of playboy to the sport illustrated issue of the bikini women of tennis and vote like its 2012


Looks like see is part of the itty bitty titty committee...


that's disgusting