Amber Arpaio Sues Ashley Dupre

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Whether it's selling herself for sex with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, or stealing another person's drivers license in order to take part in a Girls Gone Wild Video, Ashley Dupre can't stay out of trouble.

The former incident is well-documented at this point.

Ashley Dupre the Whore

But there's a new development in the latter case, as the New Jersey woman whose identification Dupre used (to claim she was of legal age to appear naked in the aforementioned video) is suing Dupre for defamation and invasion of privacy. The federal lawsuit also includes Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.

Ashley Dupre is accused of being a defaming girl gone wild.

To sum up this sordid issue:

During the 2003 video - that features Ashley Dupre nude shots you can see by following our link - the former call girl told film producers she was in her 20s. She even produced a New Jersey driver's license with the name Amber Arpaio on it.

Now, the actual Amber Arpaio seeks unspecified monetary compensation for being used in such a manner.

The entire story is more ridiculous than the notion of having sex with Perez Hilton.

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