Ali Lohan: A Hit on iTunes

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People with too much time on their hands and bad taste in music are downloading Ali Lohan's singer "All The Way Around" on iTunes. The song has maintained a consistent spot on the iTunes Top 100 since its debut July 14.

According to Ali, two of the tune's biggest fans are sister Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

"Lindsay loves it," Ali told People Magazine. "It was nervewracking to hear from her because she's so hugely successful, so I was like 'No, don't listen to it!' I ran out of the room when she listened to it. She's really proud of me."

Young and Stupid

Play that funky music, Ali Lohan.

As Ali's career takes off, the young, terrible singer hasn't ruled out going on tour.

In fact, if her E! reality show Living Lohan, also starring her Satanic manager/mother Dina Lohan, continues for a second season, it will likely focus on Lohan going on tour.

"If anything, it'll be me on the tour bus. I’m not sure yet," Ali said.

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Beautiful Ali.
Jealous losers.


I liked her until She had the breast Implants!
Isn't that Child Abuse??????


give her a break . .shes 14
its a cute song.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...The girl cannot sing to save her life. Maybe she SHOULD go on tour. Voices are fixed in the studio but not live. I've watched that "SHOW" and was embarrassed when I heard her attempt to sing. Then..tada! In the studio, her voice suddenly changed (WOW! How did that happen!) I have never been so annoyed by a 14yo (how does she keep all that makeup on anyway?) BLAH...GO AWAY WHOLE LOHAN CLAN!