Will Diana Bianchi Testify in Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook Divorce Trial?

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Before we answer the question posed in the headline, we probably need to respond to the inquiry on the minds of most readers:

Who the heck is Diana Bianchi?

Bianchi is the (very, very) young woman at the center of the nasty Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook divorce. The former model's lawyer has requested that the aspiring singer - who Cook admitted to having an affair with - take the stand during their upcoming divorce trial, set to begin July 2 in Long Island.

Diana Bianchi Picture

Diana Bianchi wanted to make it as a singer. Instead, she's making it as Peter Cook's mistress.

In response to a possible court appearance by Bianchi, Peter Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky, told People Magazine:

"Since Peter admitted [to an] affair two years ago, dragging in Bianchi is just one more example of Ms. Brinkley's thirst for revenge. Peter has moved on with his life. She should do the same."

We disagree. For the sake of celebrity gossip followers everywhere, we think this battle should continue in public for many months to come.


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Don't you just love Cook's lawyers ridiculous suggestion that Christie needs to move on? I think she did a long time ago and wasn't it Cook who said 2 years ago "If she wants a divorce, it will not be nasty"? Uh, I think Cook needs to deal once and for all with the fact that the gravy train ride is over, he blew it and he needs to get a molecule of shame and do the right thing.


are you kidding me? miss bianchi is the reason brinkley and cook are divorcing! damb straight the slut should be dragged in to testify!

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