Who Will Be the Best Spears Mom?

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It's a difficult question, since two of them have already failed miserably in some respects, while the third has been a mom for all of four days.

But now that Jamie Lynn Spears has welcomed baby Maddie Briann Aldridge into the world along with fiance Casey Aldridge, we have to ask:

Her Madgesty

Who will be the best mom: Lynne, Britney or Jamie Lynn Spears?

Grandmother Lynne Spears (middle) with train wreck daughters Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears. Which of the three is - or will be - the best mother?


I'm sure Jamie Lynn will be the best mom.


Im here and listen veverything you are the best for my but I mus make that i love you for ever you love britny....


honestly jamie lynn will be a good mom........


Jamie will be the best. she learned from the worst but at least now she knows what NOT to do as a mother. Oh yeah and Steve you're a pervert.


jamie lynn is because well non of those others were good parents so luts hope jamie will be. I LOVE JAMIE LYNN SPEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jamie lynn she ma be young but she had the baby so she will get the most love from the baby DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Jaime will be a good mom. She came out, took responsibility and wants only the best for her daughter. The Spears family is trying and they took control of Britney. They did well! I have faith in that family.


Brit will be when she finally has my baby. Can you hear me brit. Come to PA babe, I'll make you the best mom ever. Hell bring your mom and sis, I'll do the same for them too, if not all the loving can be for you.


im sorry but everyone of yal are bad mothers brittney is a freak jaime is going to grow up and be the same way. and their mother didnt do so good raising them. jaime and brittney are white trash and thats all they will ever be sorry.


All three are trying their best.
We should be praying for all of them.

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