Tyra Banks: A Blonde Bombshell... or A Blonde Bomb?

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Self-absorbed talk shot host Tyra Banks showed up at the Daytime Emmy Awards Friday night with her ego fully intact.

Oh, she also sported a new, blonde hair color. Take a look at it below and let us know your thoughts:

Tyra Banks Then and Now

Tyra is a drop-dead gorgeous any day! Even without make-up or wig, she is a bomb. You hater are just jealous. Go Tyra! Your Big fan


It's not hair it's a wig and it looks like crap. Why doesn't she just wear her real afro hair since she's so big on all this black empowerment nonsense?


Ugh... Tyra, NO. This is just awful. Now she looks even more like a tranny.


Tyra is GORGEOUS. Who the prick doing the hating in this piece. I get so sick and tired of the sophomoric wannabees who think they have it together enough to critique someone who has paid enough dues for an army to pass inspection.


I love the blonde on Tyra. As women mature a lighter color hair brightens their face and makes them look even more beautiful.


makes her look old..................... Get that ego in check now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lighter hair on older woman make them look old, I should know, 46 and a brunette again. Still look like my 30's but blond made me look at least 7 years older in pictures.

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Tyra Banks Biography

Tyra Banks Then and Now
Tyra Banks is a wanna-be Oprah. She's very pretty, but also self-important and obsessed with herself. The poor woman's Oprah Winfrey is... More »
Inglewood, California
Full Name
Tyra Lynne Banks

Tyra Banks Quotes

She is a 15-year-old, and I just wish everybody would leave her alone!

Tyra Banks [on Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos]

Michelle Obama, you're one hot mama.

Tyra Banks