Tyra Banks: A Blonde Bombshell... or A Blonde Bomb?

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Self-absorbed talk shot host Tyra Banks showed up at the Daytime Emmy Awards Friday night with her ego fully intact.

Oh, she also sported a new, blonde hair color. Take a look at it below and let us know your thoughts:

Tyra Banks Then and Now

so many haters ....tyra is drop dead beautiful to me. red purple blonde orange ...she's sexy unlike y'all haters.


haters ...ugly women probably Nd the same way they wanna get a big a$$ and big lips and sleep with. black men because we know their packin but as beautiful as tyra is y'all saying she can't rock blonde! African American women are so much more beautiful with or without makeup. end of comment


All, I can say is that some of us can pull it off and some of us can't. Tyra looks great, look at me..I've been wearing the color since I was 15 and I get rave reviews on how it compliments my skin color...I say as long as it looks good, hey rock it...I am....


Black women + fake blonde hair = disaster. I never understand why black women degrade their natural features and beauty by trying to look like white women. Blonde hair only looks good on white women and some Latin women and even then if it's not natural it looks ridiculous and make it seem like your trying to be someone your not.


Tyra banks is absolutely gorgeous, and shes such a great role model I think the blonde looks beautiful


black girls wid blond hair... cum on datz az bad as sum1 sayin white chicks wid black hair iz a freaking jk..! tyra i lyk it.. looks good! gee ur hot.. lol x


I love the blonde on her. She looks gorgeous. I did like the brown with highlights she had before this a little better though.
Someone that is as successful and hardworking as Tyra deserves the right to have a big ego.


Yea! Tyra's hair looks natural. Give me a break! Black girls with blond hair is a freaking joke.


Tyra is a beautiful sister. I like her hair and I think the color is beautiful. Tyra looks like a black (Afro-American) Barbie Doll.


Aww her hair curls are nice but the color is abit over the top well in my opinion xxx

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Tyra Banks Biography

Tyra Banks Then and Now
Tyra Banks is a wanna-be Oprah. She's very pretty, but also self-important and obsessed with herself. The poor woman's Oprah Winfrey is... More »
Inglewood, California
Full Name
Tyra Lynne Banks

Tyra Banks Quotes

She is a 15-year-old, and I just wish everybody would leave her alone!

Tyra Banks [on Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos]

Michelle Obama, you're one hot mama.

Tyra Banks