Trace Ayala Doesn't Foresee Marriage for TimberBiel

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Trace Ayala - the business partner and BFF of Justin Timberlake - doesn't think his pal and Jessica Biel will get hitched any time soon.

When asked by Us Weekly about wedding bells for this gorgeous couple, Ayala said: "I hope so. To be honest, I don't see them in the future, but I hope so. I really do."

Biel-ated Split?

Justin Timberlake may star in The Love Guru, but that doesn't mean he wants to marry Jessica Biel any time soon.

While the newly christened TimberBiel may not be reciting vows in the near future, Trace emphasized how much of a perfect fit they are.

"They are just awesome together. She is just a great girl."

We've seen Jessica Biel nude, Trace. We certainly agree.


why would justin want that caveman jessica biel she has slept with everyone in hollywood and has no career, he belongs with Britney-everyone knows that.....oh well :(


I can't stand Jessica, she dresses terribly(hanging keys like an accessory on her jeans)or that horrible old lady red dress - she's all mouth, too muscular, and her ass doesn't suit the rest of her body - i hate her voice and best of all she's always miserable in all the candid pics apparently reviews about her depict a conspiring bitch... just suits her fine. JUSTIN and BRITNEY NEED TO FIND EACHOTHER AGAIN !!


I dont want you to get married


Eww Jessica and Justin look terrible!

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