Tony Romo Gossip: Pining For Carrie Underwood?

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You have to hand it to In Touch Weekly.

Citing a text message from J.R. Rotem, who clearly sent no such text, as evidence that Britney Spears is pregnant was the mag's finest hour.

Sultry Simpson

This is a close second.

We'd love to know what "facts" the celebrity news magazine is using in its new cover story - that Tony Romo is betraying Jessica Simpson because he hasn't given up on his previous celebrity ex, Carrie Underwood!

Don't get us wrong, Tony Romo would get props from us if this were true.

After all, Carrie Underwood is the epitome of natural beauty - not to mention a down-home gal with a brain, a great voice, and a lack of insane parents.

But we're not buying it.

For one, Joe Simpson has Tony Romo under constant surveillance, making a secret rendezvous a logistical impossibility. Second, why would Carrie take him back, after he broke up with her to focus on football, then took up with Jessica?


What is wrong with Tomy Romo? Carrie Underwood is beautiful, sweet and so incredibly talented while Jessica is just a dumb girl with no brains, no talent and trying so hard to be country. Without her dad in the industry, Jessica would probably be working at McDonalds... actually, maybe punching orders might be too much for an idiot like her....


jessica and nick need to get back together there is no other perfect couple nick come back


jessica and nick lachey need to get back together no other perfect couple


Takes a real idiot to wear a shirt dissing the reigning princess of country music if you think you're going to restart your career in that genre. Romo's blinded by headlights or something.


Carrie can deny all she wants but she visited Burlington with Tony a lot. Simpson thank god stays away.


I guess Tony Romo. Jessica is the one he's snuggling up to while Carrie goes home alone every night…..
by Brenda June 9th, 2008 at 9:42 am -------------- ..while Carrie Underwood has her dignity knowing that she's not a mediawhore pining for public attention. oh boo hoo


hell who picks Jessica Simpson over Carrie Underwood?
by orly? June 8th, 2008 at 11:54 pm ______ I guess Tony Romo. Jessica is the one he's snuggling up to while Carrie goes home alone every night.....


"and a lack of insane parents." LOL very true very true.. and wow Romo would be one lucky fella is Carrie took him back. hell who picks Jessica Simpson over Carrie Underwood? freaking disgusting haha


Tony would be the luckiest man on the Earth if Carrie gave him the time of day.


First of all Carrie just gave a couple of radio interviews stating that her and Tony were never together and have just been friends all along. The media put them together. Second, Tony is texting Carrie and has been all along especially when he and Jessica were broken up for three weeks. The contacts are not as frequent as before Christmas but do exist nontheless.

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