The Hills Spoiler: Audrina Patridge May Move Out

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Looks like trouble is brewing in paradise.

Or at least in The Hills. Which is pretty much the same.

As we know, Audrina Patridge has been living in the guest house at the estate Lauren Conrad owns and Lo Bosworth also resides in.

We also know there's been friction between Lauren and Audrina, and with Audrina and Lo. Jealousy, Justin-Bobby and other things caused this.

Now, E! News says Audrina has been asked to pack her bags!

"They left a note on her door [of the guest house] telling her she had to move out," says an insider reportedly close to The Hills gals.

Future Playboy Centerfold

Is Audrina Patridge on the verge of moving out?

This new piece of Hills gossip comes after reports that the three cast members completely avoided each other at a bowling event Thursday.

LC and Lo hung out at the Orange County alley, while Audrina Patridge and new boyfriend Tal Cooperman also kept to themselves.

Asked for comment, Audrina's rep says she's still living with the Laurens, but did not say if the brunette bombshell is indeed moving.

"That will all play out on this season of The Hills," she says.

Yeah right. We all know the girls are too famous for that now.

Celebrity gossip sites like ours were privy to some of the club cat fights and other goings on long before they actually aired on MTV last season.

As far as the upcoming Season Four, we already know about the Speidi engagement (reloaded), LC's relationship with Doug Reinhardt and more!

In the opinion of one of our writers, The Hills should drop the "reality" pretense and just start following Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to all their staged photo shoots, club appearances, interviews, et cetera.


The whole rela between Heidi and Spence has got to be a joke,why would anyone put up with such a mommys boy,i feel so sorry for myself,BOY! My name is spencer,its alll about me and my feelings, im gonna go cry now


omg..u people that say lauren is mean are retarded shes a lot nicer than audrina she tried to be friends with audrina but she didnt want to she wanted to be friends with heidi whos a little skank..but i guess that was good for audrina to be hanging out with people just like herself..i so agree with lauryn audrina is definitely nothing but a big skanky ho


lauren needs to think wat she say she c alot of bad in people but never in her self she is becomin a rite bitch her and lo!! audrins should mv out in get her own plce and live ow she wnt and pick and choose her own friends and lets face her and heidi were frinds 1st xxx


i liked lauren season 1&2 but since she lives with lo she's a bitch...


Audrina is so pretty. Why are her boys so . . . unclean?


Good, Audrina is nothing but a skanky ho.


I think Lauren is mean and bad person, she is so fake.... , poor Audrina...! she and heidi dessert the best... Heidi team
Audrina Team

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