The Hills Fashion Watch: Handbag Style

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Though her clothing line, Heidiwood, might be marketed as affordable to all, Heidi Montag proves she still loves luxury in her own life.

The celebrity fashion designer and star of The Hills totes her favorite bright blue ($1,495) Balenciaga motorcycle bag all over town...

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What do you think of Heidi Montag's bag: Love it or shove it?

Now, contrast it with the shiny gold bag favored by Lauren Conrad, Heidi's co-star on the MTV reality show and arch-rival in real life ...

Lauren Conrad shines - with or without her favorite gold accessory! Which designer handbag (and star of The Hills) do you like better?


you can tell heidi dropped out of fashion school and lauren is successful. heidi needs to get a clue, how can you make such an expensive bag look like you got it from the salvation army and not in the cool retro used look way. seriously shes hideous. michael jackson like even. although i dont like laurens bag (just not a fan of metallics) she makes it look good with her outfits


i personally like lauren's better because its not too flashy and it's a nice color and style.
The color of heidi's bag is ugly, in my opinion, and she doesnt realize that she can't wear it with any random outfit.


i luv LC's bag


Heidi's is better because it's not all out and goes together. LC's is too flashy and screams "look at me, notice me!"


LC's bag is perfect. Heidi's blue rag bag is just an expensive barf bag(she probabaly uses after kissing that freak).


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laurens a b*tch, and sooo boring. laurens bag looks mega cheap and tacky.


Team Lauren for suree !
Her bag is 100% gorgee . I would wear something like that, totally . [ x ]
Lauren is thee best - hands down .


omg!!!!! i totally love laurens bag! heidi is such a fake ugly person!!! she cant even match her bag with her clothes!!!! her fashion line is such a joke!!!!
Team Lauren!!!!


is that a question? lauren and heidi cannot be compared in style. just look at that disgusting blue bag which has the colour of the wall in my toilet... and she was wearing that with orange scarf and a dress with pink straps on. oh come on.. calling her a fashion desinger is like a sin

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