Surata Zuri McCants and Ruben Studdard: Set to Marry

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Love and babies are in the air for American Idol finalists from season two.

First, as previously reported, Clay Aiken lent his sperm to Jaymes Foster. They're gonna have a baby!

Now, we're excited to report that Ruben Studdard obtained a marriage license Monday in Alabama, setting the stage for his marriage to Surata Zuri McCants.

Said a witness who observed this couple fill out the paperwork: "They looked really happy."

Surata Zuri McCants

A career in music hasn't gone well for Ruben Studdard; but he's found love with Surata Zuri McCants.


is she black-a-nese?...u fi stick to u color boi..u lettin the black community down..bum-bo clot


she is a hot mess...bigz


I think she is beautiful...she kind of look like Tamara Mowry on that picture...I wish them nothing but the best...I'm a huge fan of Ruban.


For all the haters zuri is my cousin and she loves him. and she was not in nelly video. she is a flight attendant. So stop hating and congraulate. And kim get you some business because you just hating cause she got him and you didn't. so have her own money cause she also model on the side. And the wedding was very beautiful the haters just mad cause they wasn't there.


She is very beautiful. I wish the best for their marriage


Wasn't she in one of Nelly's videos!?!


i pray God blesses their union. i hope Surata doesn't hurt the "velvet teddy bear" he seems to be very nice, humble and loving.


I know one of Suri's High school friends from Atlanta she was at the bridal shower talkin crap about Ruben to everyone his own family does like her trifling a**! She is a gold digger!


im glad he is tying the knot she is a beautiful gal u two look good together..good luck from the twins


He could do better.

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