Surata Zuri McCants and Ruben Studdard: Set to Marry

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Love and babies are in the air for American Idol finalists from season two.

First, as previously reported, Clay Aiken lent his sperm to Jaymes Foster. They're gonna have a baby!

Now, we're excited to report that Ruben Studdard obtained a marriage license Monday in Alabama, setting the stage for his marriage to Surata Zuri McCants.

Said a witness who observed this couple fill out the paperwork: "They looked really happy."

Surata Zuri McCants

A career in music hasn't gone well for Ruben Studdard; but he's found love with Surata Zuri McCants.


oh yeah she is in the tip drill video.


Congrats to Rueben and Surata Zuri. She is a beautiful girl with exotic looks and name. I wish them all the best!


Neither do I know the groom or bridezilla ... But I was also wondering what ever happened to the girl that he was dating prior to Sarata and also ... what baby?.... Ruben, you need to open your eyes;this chick is a gold digger and you happens to be the supposed "gold mine " ... BLESSINGS!


I HEARD THAT SISTA!! Let God do the judging ......and all the rest..... mind their own bizness! Ya Heard???


I am amazed at what I am reading here and the language that our young people are using towards two people that they don't even know, or even do know. Do any of you know their hearts? No. Therefore, let God judge all that are in union, especially with regards to their sacred marriage vows and keep the personal opinions where they belong...personal. I say to Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Studdard....Matthew 19:6 God bless.


I personally know her. I can honestly say that yes she does model and yes she has been in a few videos. She has been trying to get famous for a very long time. The men that she normally dates are the six pack very sexy men. She is from atlanta so anyone that has been to any of our events (motorcylce gatherings and such) have seen her. She may be happy. I hope that she doesn't hurt him. She has gained a little weight since the baby but she is still beautiful.


Is Surata Hawaiian?


yall need to shut up they look gudd together. she pretty and he hot. all hatrz can kiss a butt. on the real if you got any problems with that hit me back HATARZ


I think she is cute. And I do wish the best for Ruben...May God bless your union and stay true to one another. Also Zuri, with the world watching, keep him close and love him unconditionally because, I do happen to think he is wonderful person and any women would love him.


Wow...her face looks like it was run over by a train....too bad cuz Ruben deserves better :0/ if her "cousin" Kiah is any indication of what type of girl Surata is....then she must be a ghetto ass bitch! I doubt she models....with the face of hell, underarm fat and man hands....only crazies would hire her.

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