Surata Zuri McCants and Ruben Studdard: Set to Marry

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Love and babies are in the air for American Idol finalists from season two.

First, as previously reported, Clay Aiken lent his sperm to Jaymes Foster. They're gonna have a baby!

Now, we're excited to report that Ruben Studdard obtained a marriage license Monday in Alabama, setting the stage for his marriage to Surata Zuri McCants.

Said a witness who observed this couple fill out the paperwork: "They looked really happy."

Surata Zuri McCants

A career in music hasn't gone well for Ruben Studdard; but he's found love with Surata Zuri McCants.


Zuri, I'm very happy for you and Ruben. I hope and pray the very best for you guys. May God be with you all in everything that you guys touch. You have nice lady Ruben and treat her right. She is a real woman and make sure when you guys are in the Atlanta area look me up. My wife and I are big fans you Ruben. Your cousin Von. I'll be prayiing for you guys to have a baby soon!!!. God bless you all.


my favorite velvet teddy bear tied the knot. congrats. I wish you only the best!!


Congrats to Ruben and his new bride!! To those claiming to be "the cousin", you sound ignorant. I understand you wanting to defend her, but you are making her look bad!! Just stop and ignore the rude comments. Honorable do not need to be defended. The truth always comes out! If she is who you (the cousins) say she is there is nothing to worry about. I don't know Ruben. I don't know his wife, but if two people have found love then I wish them much love and blessings. I am a fan of Rubens and "Flying without wings" was one of the songs in my wedding so he will forever be in my memory. All haters just stop and move on to something more productive!!!


I wish them all the luck! I was a Flight Attendant with her @ Air Tran and I remember her getting a voice mail from him during a flight, she seemed sooo happy and so did he(she let me hear it too). Im glad to hear that it worked out for them:)


Now what- you REALLY dont know my cousin and girl what baby did she just have? glad you are getting your 2 mins of fame everyone lets give the haters a hand clap(CLAPPING) my cousin did modeling because thats what she love and she is african american 100% and she is the same size as mariah you people are truely lame for hating like be happy the family is trying to stay calm but its getting crazy watch yall hating ass backs


What's up with all the haters???????? If Ruben would of never been on AI ya'll wouldn't be jocking! So be happy for him and his girl. Only he knows what's best for him. Ya'll hoes get a life!


Congratulations to Ruben and his beautiful bride
Surata!! I'm a "sista" and hope for nothing but the best in their marriage. It's nice to see two people in love no matter what their race, ethnicity or preference is!! XOXO!!!


I wish both of them a wonderful life together....She looks descent and mature and I love that exotic elegant beauty.
Let's give them warm wishes they deserve instead of those cruel remarks about her.


I knew you would get married with her. She is awesome for you bro! Luv you!!


First of all you ebonic speaking idiots. Learn proper English before you try to slam someone.

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