Surata Zuri McCants and Ruben Studdard: Set to Marry

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Love and babies are in the air for American Idol finalists from season two.

First, as previously reported, Clay Aiken lent his sperm to Jaymes Foster. They're gonna have a baby!

Now, we're excited to report that Ruben Studdard obtained a marriage license Monday in Alabama, setting the stage for his marriage to Surata Zuri McCants.

Said a witness who observed this couple fill out the paperwork: "They looked really happy."

Surata Zuri McCants

A career in music hasn't gone well for Ruben Studdard; but he's found love with Surata Zuri McCants.


Ruben, u have it all l mean d voice , keep it tight much luv both


Young men and ladies please don't be a hater. And love one another.


Why not Kelly Roland? She liked you and is MUCH PRETTIER!!! PLUS you know she has her own money!!! Jay-Z made a good, talent and her own money.


niggaz are still wifing up the neighborhood ho....smh hope you got a pre-nup AND YES SHE WAS IN THE TIP DRILL VIDEO !!!! DOING SOMETHING STRANGE 4 A PIECE OF CHANGE!!!!!


I wish you the best of luck!!!


You all should stop with the insults and put the focus back on what should be an occassion to celebrate. Congratulations to the happy couple!


i know who you are and i'mn family. you need to
stop we dont act like this.


i heard she was in the tip drill video...hmmm and maybe she is cuter in person that pic dont do much in her favor.


How wonderful. Why do celebrities always marriy another celebrity...they're the ones that take your money. Why not marry an ordinary person who is honest, faithful and loyal and will love you for you and not for what you have. Is she a sista?


Im happy for him and his wife. Im just shocked that everyone seems to think she is the chick from the tip drill video. they are two different women. She looks more sophisticated than whyte chocolate. this rumor was started by someone in atl claiming to be a close friend of hers. a mess thats what it is.

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