Spencer Pratt Responds to Mary-Kate Olsen Diss

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Ding! Ding!

The Spencer Pratt vs. Mary-Kate Olsen feud is so on!

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And The Hollywood Gossip staff may not have a clue which side to take, but we couldn't be happier to sit back and enjoy the dispute.

It started earlier this week when Olsen appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote her new movie, The Wackness. Prompted by the awesome talk show host, Mary-Kate referred to Pratt as "wormy" and said the following about her former high school classmate:

"He does not have a good temper. He would walk off the [soccer] field."

Check out what Mary-Kate Olsen had to say about Spencer Pratt... and then choose a side!

Pratt, of course, just had to respond.

"I don't really get why she'd use my name to get press for her little indie film that no one's going to see," he told Us Weekly Friday. "She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me."

See, how can you not love Spencer Pratt? That's hilarious!

"I know I've made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman," Pratt added. "I forgive her, though. She's had to go through life as the less cute twin, which must be tough."

Such great stuff. Write in and let us know which side you're on: Team Spencer or Team Mary-Kate?


are you kidding me. Def. Team MK. Spencer is just an idiot. He is freaking out about nothing, this just proves her point. ugghh


aha thats sum good stuff rite there!!!




If you saw the interview on Letterman, she tried very hard to say as little about him as possible, despite Letterman's prodding. Basically he's a no talent feminine pretty boy. And she's got more talent in a hair strand than he'll have in his lifetime. Get over it Pratt.


Team MK!!!


The best part is that he can say whatever he wants and she 100% could care less. She is a BILLIONARIE and one of the most famous people in the entire world. He is, was, and always will be a peasant. He will never be famous, he will never "make it" in hollywood. She did not even say anything that bad about him and his rebuttle just shows proves that he DOES have a terrible temper! This little indie film is going to be better than ANYTHING he will ever produce or accomplish in his lifetime.


Mary Kate has more talent than in her little pinkie than Pratt. All he does is try tio getr his picture in the tabloids all the time. Mary Kate and her sister has real business sense owning a whole corporation.


Team Mary-Kate. Spencer is just all about getting attention, it's pathetic! His 15 minutes of fame have been up for a long time!


Team Mary-Kate. She only speaks the truth. I mean, look at Spencer, he is oily and wormy!


Can i pick team "anyone but them"?

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