Source: Peter Cook Paid Diana Bianchi $300K to Zip it

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The teenager who split up Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook apparently got herself paid by Peter - though it might all be a big waste of ca$h.

The New York Post says Peter Cook shelled out $300,000 to Diana Bianchi, his 19-year-old assistant, and she agreed not to talk about the affair.

Of course, now that Diana was subpoenaed and will testify in a New York court, that cash may be useless, as she will be legally compelled to reveal all.

Dianna Bianchi says she will testify "truthfully" if she has to.

Meanwhile, we hear (shockingly) from some celebrity gossip sources that the 21st Century Long Island Lolita may not exactly be a teen angel.

The now-infamous mistress beckons guys to write her on her (yes) personal page. "If you wanna get to know me," writes Diana Bianchi, "It's cool, hit me up ‘n' we'll see what happens."

Besides showing off her knockout body in a bikini, the sexy Bianchi identifies her ethnicity as "Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, White."

Some of her interests are "Cookin', dancing, singing" and her income is "$75,000-$100,000." She's giving Ashley Dupre a run for her money!

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