Selena Gomez Wants to be Taken Seriously

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Selena Gomez has gone on record saying there is no feud between here and fellow young Disney star Miley Cyrus.

Still, we can't help but wonder if a recent quote by Gomez was meant as a slight of Cyrus.

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When asked over the weekend, while attending the premiere of WALL•E, how her career path might differ my Miley's, Selena replied:

"I think I might want to take a different route... I love acting, and that's my passion. So I would love to do more movies and some serious things. So, maybe a different road with me."

Is Gomez implying that Miley's career is not meant to be taken seriously?

Selena Gomez blows a kiss to fans. But does she have love for Miley Cyrus?


If you have proof that there is hard feelings between them, show it to us. Otherwise try not to make something out of nothing. Only JERKS do that...


Who are you little pricks with no life of your own so you coose to start arguments and create chos between others. What deformed personalities you must have that you would seek to ruin people via the pwoer of the written word. Better watch out because what goes around REALLY DOES come around. I woul dlove to read what gets said about you. p[robably NOTHING beacuse you are just wannabees.


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