Scott Baio and Renee Sloan: Their Baby Scare

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Late last year, Scott Baio went from former child actor and reality TV star to frightened father in a short period of time.

Daughter Bailey DeLuca was born to Baio and Renee Sloan in November, but joy quickly turned to fear when she was diagnosed with GA-1, a metabolic disorder that can cause seizures and leads to coma and even death. The couple is finally opening up about the experience.

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"Every breath that you take, every thought that you have, every moment that you're conscious, it's all you're thinking about," Baio told Celebrity Baby Blog. "The disease is a constant in your brain. It never leaves you."

Scott Baio, Renee Sloan and a healthy Bailey DeLuca pose for the camera.

Sloan added that Baio would "break down" at the sight of a baby - any baby and the pair got married in December without even revealing their ongoing pain.

Fortunately, after weeks of further testing, doctors determined the result had been a false positive; seven-month old Bailey is fully healthy.

"In a way I'm glad I went through it. Because this sort of thing puts everything else in perspective," Baio said, adding of the foundation they are establishing: "We know we need to be a voice here, and that's what we're trying to do.


I have a child with a metabilic disorder and would like to know more about your foundation.


God Bless scott and family
Glad to know a journey to a healthy life for Bailey.
How is grandmother Rose doing?
Sorry to hear of the lost of Mario and Bailey's twin.
Hope Scott Baio returns to a reality TV show
"Scott turning to be another homeboy after Hollywood
audition for the help wanted in neighborhood stores" I turned 50 and a great aunt
survived acute injury to liver from medication, 3 strokes
My heart still a fan of Scott Baio, love to meet him.
Wish he was a broadcasting professor part time teach at the College Of San Mateo
even a guest sharing his director/filmmaking tips Sincerely, Karen


You both are so brave and fortunate. There are many parents out there who are not. Thank you so much for your contribution.


I say BRAVO for speaking out about the experience...My 9 month old daughter, Presley, had the metabolice disorder MCADD..Here in Canada medications and treatments are covered but in the U.S. many families with F.O.D.'s or metabolic disorders struggle with testing, care, insurance coverage and costs..more attention needs to be brought here so thank you for bringing any attention to these disorders!

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