Samantha Ronson and Solange Knowles Speak On...

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... actually, we have no idea.

In this random scene, Lindsay Lohan's rumored girlfriend and Beyonce's sister bond over a turn table.

What the heck do you think Samantha Ronson and Solange Knowles are saying to one another? Write in. Let us know.

Should Lindsay Lohan be jealous of Solange Knowles? What the heck is Beyonce's sibling talking about with Samantha Ronson?

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SK: now, young man, don't think I didn't see you peeking in the ladies' restroom.


That Ronson girl may know some good tunes,
but can she be more androgynous and confused-


Come on, girl, try it out. You know what they say: Once with black you never go back!


Solange is touching her own ass!


Solange: Drop that skank Lindsey, I'm so much better, don't you like light chocolate?
Samantha: Okay, Lindsey was starting to stink up the place.


More importantly who's hand is that on Solange's ass?


SK- Sam play my song again. 20 times isnt enough.
SR- Ok Beyonce's sister. Anything for you cause your so famous.
****SK walks away****
SR- Bitch is only famous cause her sister! Hey thats reminds me to call Ali Lohan!