Ryan Phillippe Steps Out with Abbie Cornish

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Now that Reese Witherspoon is officially dating Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe doesn't seem as shy about stepping out with girlfriend Abbie Cornish.

After months of speculation about their relationship - did he cheat on Witherspoon with his Stop-Loss co-star? - Phillippe accompanied Cornish to the 2008 Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards. It marked their first major event as a couple.

Photo of Ryan Phillippe

"They were adorable," a witness said to People. "He had his arm around her and they were cozy and comfortable."

Do you think it's appropriate for Ryan Phillippe to be seen out with Abbie Cornish?


and ryan looks like spencer in this pic...din kno he'd have such villainous looks one day...cuz spencer is damn bad-lookin...they look like a villainous couple just like hiedi n spencer..


well...they definitely were gonna show up someday...may be he was guilty of the whole-cheating-on reese thing, so he didn't go public with her..but now he's furious wid jyllenspoon, so he went out wid his new gf..and together, both of them have lost their looks...they look like an ugly couple...it'z cuz of their doings...


I suppose it's appropriate--you can't hide it forever. Although, Reese definitely traded up and Ryan traded down!


No I dont think its appropriate because she is ugly. If your a celebrity and you have a fugly girlfriend like this LEAVE HER AT HOME. That should be a rule.


Of course it's appropriate, they can't stay in hiding forever. Doesn't change the fact that they're both lying idiots though. And Ryan's looks are going downhill fast.

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