Rihanna Questions Chris Brown's Fashion Sense

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There's no question that Rihanna and Chris Brown form one of the hottest celebrity couples on this planet. Just look at their chemistry!

What's a little bit in doubt, though, is Brown's judgment while dressing himself lately. Look at his decision below... all we can say is ouch.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Maybe Rihanna wasn't really asking Chris Brown this question last night ... but The Hollywood Gossip certainly is now. Come on Chris, WTF is that?!


you rae a nasty girl u know that?i might hate ur songs um....


OMG!I am so sorry,but wateva you do chris please dont wear that jacket no more in your life time. Yeah and i hope Rihanna didnt tell you to wear that. She gets on my NERVES like totally.
Real Talk............!


Why the hell you wearing that? And Chris we had something going on but now I found you with that girl...


that doesn't look right

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