Rainbow Bikini Battle: Katherine Heigl vs. Lisa Rinna

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Katherine Heigl was recently named the Most Desirable Grey's Anatomy star to be bludgeoned over the head with a tire iron by the ABC show's writers Woman in the World by askmen.com readers.

Evidently, though, former Days of Our Lives star Lisa Rinna is already challenging Katherine Heigl for that prestigious honor.

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The actresses were recently spotted wearing similar rainbow bikinis. Drool over each below and then let us know: Who looks better?


Heigl needs to workout, she is thin but very flabby looking. Lisa looks much better.


Both these girls look super hot but Lisa is twice the age of Katherine, and that's so much more impressive, so my vote goes to Lisa


Lisa looks way better because she is nicely toned. KH is all sags.


lisa's would look great on both of them. Katherines looks too teeny bopper with the light colors

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