R. Kelly Verdict: Not Guilty!

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A jury has acquitted R. Kelly on all 14 counts of child pornography.

The lame singer was first charged six years ago after a kinky sex tape surfaced that allegedly featuring him having sex with - and urinating on - some girl who was only 13 years old at the time.

R. Kelly had long denied being on the video tape; even the alleged victim said it wasn't her during the trial.

R. Kelly may have gross sex tape preferences. But they don't make him a pedophile, a jury of his peers has just concluded.


you are a sick person cherish to say that if he did it, so what you can forgive him what about the victims, in some cases i don't think the victims ever get over something like that. he's a dog and so are you.


I am glad he was found not guilty. I love me some r kelly I am a true fan and am down for him til the end. He is just to talented. I dont believed he did it anyway and if he did, people make mistakes. If God can forgive him so can I and the rest of the world.


Sickening!!! another OJ gets away!!!!!!


that bitch should be in jail


this dont make no damn sense he should be under the damn jail damn shame the criminal justice system has so failed in this case now another pedophile is on the loose


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